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Release Notes

Release notes detail what's changed from release to release. Here you will find what's been completed for the next release. Items are only added to this listing when they are completed.

As of June 10th, 2016 at 04:31PM ET:

3/19/2013 Added support for Xonotic.

3/19/2013 Added RGB color code support for Xonotic.

2/24/2014 Fixed double vertical scrollbar in Region Filters pane.

2/24/2014 Removed unecessary/disabled horizontal scroll bar from Region Filters, History, Game Filters, and Music Filters panes.

4/23/2014 Updated MOHAA support to include support for new query format in 1.12.

4/23/2014 Server-side: now tracking protocol rule value for filtering on new game master server for games with defunct masters.

4/23/2014 Changed check box icons globally, they are now generated dynamically using application theme and system colors.

6/1/2014 Added support for Borderlands. Yup, I'm a slacker.

6/4/2014 Updated Descent 3's query code so you can actually see servers/rules/players now.

6/29/2014 Fixed Source Engine (Half-Life 2, etc) rule parsing issue that would cause rule names and values to be reversed, and not all rules to be parsed, on some servers.

6/29/2014 Server-side: Updated Half-Life and Half-Life 2 (Source Engine) packet parsers to correct game if incorrectly loaded originally. This issue could've caused Half-Life 1 servers to show up as Half-Life 2, and vice-versa.

6/29/2014 The dynamically updated games modification list is now saved in "My Documents\Qtracker\Configuration Files" to work around permissions issues on Windows 7 and 8.

6/29/2014 Dynamically updated games modification icons are now saved in "My Documents\Qtracker\Configuration Files\Icons\Modifications" to work around permissions issues on Windows 7 and 8.

6/29/2014 Server-side: all server rules are now saved for filtering on Gamespy emulated master server for games with defunct masters.

6/29/2014 Added support for Hidden and Dangerous 2.

6/29/2014 Added support ToCA Race Driver 3.

7/9/2014 Fixed fragmented packet parser using newer Gamespy protocol utilizing splitnum. This will resolve missing players and rule names and values being reversed for games such as Battlefield 2, Crysis, STALKER, UT3, Vietcong 2, etc.

7/9/2014 Fixed fragmented rule packet parser for games using Source. This will resolve missing rules and rule names and values being reversed on servers that return a large number of rules.

7/9/2014 Color codes are now filtered from rule names.

7/9/2014 Updated UT3 packet parser to account for broken rules. This will resolve issues with player names not appearing and missing rules.

7/11/2014 Added support for Minecraft.

7/11/2014 Added color-code support for Minecraft.

7/25/2014 Added remote administration (RCON) support for Minecraft.

7/26/2014 Fixed remote administration (RCON) support for Kingpin and Quake 2.

7/28/2014 Added support for Deus Ex.

2/18/2015 Added support for KingpinQ3.

2/18/2015 Fixed long-standing issue with the Settings dialog that caused it to perform extremely slowly.

2/18/2015 Updated Trillian plugin to resolve slow DDE connection issue.

2/18/2015 Updated Trillian integration in Settings->Connect and Settings->Disconnect to show current state of plugin: Not installed, installed but not enabled, and installed and running.

6/10/2016 Changed maximum server name length to 255 characters.

6/10/2016 All new rendering of Quake 3/4 fonts for all games using these engines (ETQW, etc).

6/10/2016 Updated dialog gui elements to better match modern UI's (last release was 2010 afterall).

6/10/2016 Fixed icons in Settings dialog's navigation control so they are properly alpha blended now.

6/10/2016 Updated Quake 3 color code parser to handle OSP-specific codes.

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