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Release Notes

Release notes detail what's changed from release to release. Here you will find the release notes for the most recent releases.

Version 4.92  November 5, 2010 at 3:00PM ET:

8/25/2009 Worked around 0 ping players being incorrectly marked as bots for games that do not return player pings, however do return the player ping data element (with no value). This primarily effected Halo.

9/8/2009 Added load/save/manage layouts feature to View menu. Let's you save your pane layout, window size and position, and theme. You can easily reload the layout from the menus. Up to 75 layouts may be saved.

9/8/2009 Updated Warsow query support to show players again on v0.50 servers.

9/8/2009 Updated Warsow query support for new gametype rule on v0.50 servers.

9/8/2009 Fixed selected server still being queried when application is paused.

9/8/2009 Fixed bug that caused a new filter to not display in the Filters pane until application restarted.

9/8/2009 Fixed Quick Connect feature.

9/8/2009 Added support for America's Army 3.

9/8/2009 Added support for Wolfenstein.

9/8/2009 Added auto-login support for Wolfenstein.

3/1/2010 Added support for Left4Dead 2.

7/7/2010 Fixed player list from only displaying one player on Source-engine servers that return player id 0 for all players.

7/7/2010 Fixed missing players and missing rules on Source-engine servers that reply with multiple challenge numbers.

Version 4.91  August 24, 2009 at 10:00PM ET:

3/23/2009 Fixed in-game font spacing and appearance issues for Daikatana, Global Operations, Operation Flashpoint, and the Medal of Honor series of games.

3/23/2009 Fixed spelling errors in Elite Force 2 game type descriptions.

3/23/2009 Added PNG format support for Mapshots and internal graphic objects.

3/25/2009 Eliminated flickering in Settings dialog when switching to a different settings pane.

3/25/2009 Disable animations in Settings dialog navigation control.

3/26/2009 Fixed possible crash at shutdown from the statistics view.

3/26/2009 Added support for Far Cry to QtUplink.

3/26/2009 Added support for Far Cry.

4/11/2009 Folders icons in the Filter Browser pane will now be shaded green if any filter contained within the folder or it's child folders is active.

6/29/2009 Fixed Trillian "Idle" mode selection not being pre-selected upon entry to the Settings dialog, if this was your saved setting.

6/29/2009 Added folder property to include/exclude contents of a folder when generating a server listing.

6/29/2009 Added "Qtracker operation to perform" setting to Settings->Games->Disconnect to permit you to customize the disconnect action (defaults to resume and display the application).

6/29/2009 Added "Execute custom DDE command" to Settings->Game->Connect and Disconnect, this allows you to specify the service and topic.

6/29/2009 Bot column is now displayed by default in the player listing for any game that returns player ping.

6/29/2009 Added option to show 0 ping players as a bot in Settings->Appearance->Ping.

8/19/2009 Added support for Killing Floor.

8/19/2009 Added support for Killing Floor.

8/19/2009 When saving a filter, the game groups will no longer expand in the Filters pane.

8/19/2009 Added "Save as..." button to Settings->Server Listings->Transfer save as following file or unc item.

8/19/2009 Added version-specific upgrades feature when checking for a new version of the software. This will decrease the size of the download and you'll only download the changed files for the version you're upgrading.

8/19/2009 Enabled connect as spectator support for Unreal Tournament 3.

8/19/2009 Added option to enable/disable automatic refreshing of the selected/highlighted server in Settings->Games->Refreshing.

8/19/2009 Fixed Quake 1, Quake 2, QuakeWorld, Hexen 2, and HexenWorld player name rendering issue that caused names to appear extremely white.

8/19/2009 Added possible fix for Today buttong taking you to the year 100.

8/19/2009 Fixed socket pooling bug that could cause querying to completely fail until you restarted the application, however restarting the application would cause the Qtracker.exe process to hang in memory until it was killed.

Version 4.9  March 13, 2009 at 10:00PM ET:

9/15/2008 Fixed crash on exit/connecting to server (with close program selected).

9/15/2008 Fixed HTML/PHP server list generation so all servers are once again included in the listing.

9/15/2008 Fixed querying lock-up that occurred when querying Half-Life 2 servers that do not require authentication and do not return all server information.

9/15/2008 Added inactive server color customization in Settings->Appearance->Servers.

9/15/2008 Added "Map change" Watch Server criteria.

9/15/2008 Added "+set fs_game q4mp" or "+set fs_game $mod" to Quake 4 command-line on server join.

10/10/2008 Fixed "Best fit" column sizing of player names.

10/10/2008 Fixed server list repainting issue that caused updated server information to not display in all circumstances.

10/10/2008 Added Turok 2 support to QtUplink.

10/10/2008 Fixed blank lines (deleted servers) in folder Export function.

10/10/2008 Fixed empty registry keys being created at startup under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Qtracker.

10/10/2008 Added support for Crysis Wars.

10/21/2008 Added support for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.

10/29/2008 Fixed bug which disabled auto-refreshing and HTML generation when launched from the qtracker:// URL.

10/29/2008 Fixed intermittent settings wipe if application crashed at shutdown.

10/29/2008 Fixed crash at shutdown while playing a sound.

10/29/2008 Fixed bug which causes player list focus to be lost when the selected server was refreshed automatically.

10/29/2008 Fixed "All Servers" view to work as it did prior to 4.8: all active favorite/folder servers are listed, regardless of filter settings.

10/29/2008 Added DirectSound support for sound playback.

10/29/2008 Added sound volume control to View->Settings->General->Sounds.

10/29/2008 Added support for Iron Grip: Warlord.

11/20/2008 Updated Quake 4 and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars fonts to use new in-game alpha-blended font which greatly improves the appearance of player names.

11/20/2008 Added support for Call of Duty: World At War.

11/27/2008 Added support for Left 4 Dead.

12/2/2008 Trailing spaces are now removed when pasting an ip address into the Add Server dialog.

12/2/2008 Added fake Half-Life 1 and Half-Life 2 server rule called "vac_secure", values can be "0" or "1".

12/2/2008 Added fake Half-Life 1 server rule called "os", values can be "windows" or "linux".

12/2/2008 Setings.xml is now backed up on startup. If Settings.xml is missing, the backup will be restored at startup.

12/2/2008 Friends window tray icon is now properly removed if disabling the Friends window while minimized to the system tray.

12/2/2008 Updated Settings.xml to encode special characters in group tags.

12/2/2008 Updated Quake 3 font to use new in-game alpha-blended font which greatly improves the appearance of player names.

12/2/2008 Updated in-game fonts to now fully support all 32 colors used in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Warsow, and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

12/11/2008 Updated Quake 2 icon.

12/11/2008 Updated Quake 1 font to use new in-game alpha-blended font which greatly improves the appearance of player names.

12/11/2008 Updated Quake 2 font to use new in-game alpha-blended font which greatly improves the appearance of player names.

12/11/2008 Fixed intermittant crash when pinging the last server in a server listing.

12/11/2008 Fixed Friends name matching issue which caused some Quake 1/QuakeWorld names to never match.

12/11/2008 Fixed Alien Arena servers incorrectly identified as Quake 2 servers if "game" rule was missing.

12/11/2008 Settings->General->Games->Connect text has been moved to lang-en.xml.

12/11/2008 Settings->Appearance->Servers text has been moved to lang-en.xml.

12/11/2008 Added "Match Text Color" option to the Friends search mask options to turn this on or off.

12/11/2008 Fixed LAN servers so they actually display again. Bug introduced in 4.8.

12/11/2008 Added ip address selection for computers with multiple ip addresses. View->Settings->Network->Tweak (Advanced).

12/11/2008 Settings->Appearance->Servers "Display server names in color" option added, default is on.

12/11/2008 Server names are now displayed in color, if color codes exist. White text will be displayed as standard text color for readability.

12/18/2008 Player names rendered with in-game fonts can now be right-aligned or centered in a column.

12/18/2008 Fixed resource/memory leak in History pane which could cause a crash or random issues.

12/18/2008 Fixed crash at shutdown when pinging a group of servers.

12/18/2008 Added support for Quake 4 color shifting and color rgb codes in player names.

12/24/2008 Added fake server rule for Half-Life 1/2 servers called "dedicated".

12/24/2008 Updated Half-Life 1 packet parser to accept 0x49 server data response.

12/24/2008 You can now set the application background color in View->Settings->Appearance->General.

12/24/2008 Moved Settings->Appearance->General text to lang-en.xml.

12/24/2008 When exporting servers, if a hostname has been entered for a server the hostname will be exported instead of the ip address.

12/24/2008 Added server-side region lookup when adding a favorite server using the Add Server dialog. This will attempt to populate the region for you, however if the Masters do not know the region for the server it will be set to Unidentified.

12/24/2008 Added "Region Lookup" menu item to server list context menu to perform server-side region lookup. This will attempt to populate the region for you, however if the Masters do not know the region for the server it will be set to Unidentified.

1/5/2009 Updated UTF-8 converter for Half-Life 1/Half-Life 2 player and server names to handle U+000800-U+00FFFF.

1/5/2009 Half-Life 1/Half-Life 2 server names are now passed through the UTF-8 converter.

1/5/2009 Updated Half-Life 1 packet parser to handle protocol 47/48 challenge changes. This will fix servers from being improperly marked as not responding with no server data.

1/5/2009 Updated Half-Life 1 packet parser to display players on servers that return all player indexes as 0.

3/19/2009 Color codes are now removed from server names used in window title bars.

3/19/2009 Characters below 0x20 are now removed from RTCW server names.

3/19/2009 Cancel button now works properly in Server Full dialog if dialog had been previously displayed and OK button was pressed.

3/19/2009 Qtracker URL will now work if Qtracker is already running.

3/19/2009 Fixed possible crash at shutdown if a filter was edited, or a new filter was created.

3/19/2009 Added game icons to View->Settings->Games->Auto-login.

3/19/2009 Added game icons to game headings in Filter pane.

3/19/2009 Fixed possible crash if player name changed while painting player name.

3/19/2009 "Search for servers" now ignores color codes in server names.

3/19/2009 Player names are now properly clipped to player column width.

3/19/2009 Player list sort column settings are now properly saved if server window wasn't closed before closing the application.

3/19/2009 Color codes are now ignored when sorting by player name in a player list.

3/19/2009 Selections and focus are now properly maintained after sorting player listing.

3/19/2009 Selections and focus are now properly maintained after sorting rule listing.

3/19/2009 Fixed Mapshot caching issue that would prevent Mapshots from displaying if a Mapshot pack existed that was missing image files.

3/19/2009 Fixed 0-1ms or blank response times on servers that did not respond to initial query.

3/19/2009 HTML generation code now uses temporary files, rather than hardcoded filenames.

3/19/2009 HTML generation code now removes color codes from server names.

3/19/2009 Fixed possible crash after clicking OK in the Settings dialog for users with no settings.xml file (first-time users).

3/19/2009 Fixed Theme->Vista changes not saving upon restart.

3/19/2009 Fixed potential crash in Rules pane if server selection changed to no server while repainting rules.

3/19/2009 Fixed Friends player name search mask so you can no longer turn off all search filters.

3/19/2009 Updated how matching text is displayed in Friends search text.

3/19/2009 Fixed AutoInstaller to properly identify running Qtracker instance and shut it down, rather than searching for windows titled "Qtracker".

3/19/2009 Server selections in server listing are properly maintained while updating and resorting servers.

3/19/2009 Minor performance enhancement in server list painting code, and should reduce flickering marginally.

3/19/2009 Fixed a crash when receiving data on listening DirectPlay port.

3/19/2009 Fixed horizontal scrollbar appearing while resizing Friends windows.

3/19/2009 Servers containing a hostname, instead of ip, will now be properly loaded when pasting or importing.

Version 4.8  August 28, 2008 at 11:29PM ET:

2/22/2008 Added Unreal Tournament 3 join server support for the UT3 1.2 patch.

2/22/2008 Added Auto-Login support for Unreal Tournament 3.

2/22/2008 Added context menu to console output view in Server Administration tab, containing: Copy, Select All.

2/22/2008 Fixed auto-scroll issue in command edit box in the Server Administration tab to permit scrolling when entering more text than could be displayed in the edit box.

2/22/2008 Added Yahoo! Messenger away state changing when joining a server or returning from a server.

2/22/2008 Fixed ICQ away values to load from XML file, not the registry.

2/22/2008 Fixed Enemy Territory: Quake Wars LAN server detection.

4/16/2008 Watch server icon is now removed when connecting to a server.

4/16/2008 Fixed friends list notification to trigger when a friend is found for the second time (after they log off then back on again).

4/16/2008 Added fake Half-Life 2 server rule called "version", the value contains the server version.

4/16/2008 The version column is now populated for Half-Life 2.

4/16/2008 Added fake Half-Life 2 server rule called "os", the value contains either "linux" or "windows".

4/16/2008 Added fake Half-Life 2 server rule called "modification_directory", the value contains the directory the current modification is running from.

4/16/2008 Fixed definition of British Virgin Islands region #126 as it was mapped improperly to #127.

4/16/2008 Updated all region icons with newer icons, and added 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 resolutions with alpha transparancy.

4/24/2008 Added "Copy" menu to the Rules context menu. This adds the ability to copy the selected rule(s) name, value, or name and value to the clipboard.

4/24/2008 Removed all application icons from the Qtracker.exe, greatly reducing the size of the executable. They are now located as separate files in the Qtracker installation directory.

4/24/2008 Updated all application icons with all new icons.

4/29/2008 Re-designed the Watch Server interface to make it easier to add new criteria.

4/29/2008 Added "maximum players" criteria to Watch Servers. This checks the server to see when it has less than the number of players specified playing on it.

4/29/2008 Watch Server dialog now loads all text from language XML file.

4/29/2008 The tooltip for the Watch Server icon in the server listing display will now display basic details of the watch in effect.

4/29/2008 Watch Server will now watch all of the selected servers.

4/29/2008 Cancel Watch Server now cancels all watches for the selected servers.

5/19/2008 Threaded loading of application icons at startup.

5/19/2008 Updated list header appearance to better match the active theme, also increased the header height.

5/19/2008 Updated checkbox, and tri-state, checkbox appearance.

5/19/2008 Fixed Kingpin packet parser that was causing some servers to show as inactive with no server or player data.

5/19/2008 Double-clicking a region pin now toggles the entire region on or off.

5/19/2008 Mapshot image background color now properly set on Theme or system color change.

5/19/2008 Improved Office 2007 Theme appearance (status bar and panes).

5/19/2008 Removed static "updlist.txt" file in the Qtracker installation folder during refreshing/pinging, now use temporary file in users temp folder.

5/20/2008 Fixed Warsow team names and colors.

5/21/2008 Updated Quake III Arena game type numeric to textual mappings for various modifications.

5/21/2008 Updated Settings pane heading, descriptions, and icon displays.

5/21/2008 Moved all Settings pane headings, captions, and descriptions to lang-en.xml file.

5/25/2008 Fixed Quake 3 CNQ3 servers being incorrectly identified as Quake 2 servers.

5/27/2008 Added History log-to-file option in View->Settings->General->History. When active, this will append new history events to the log file you specify.

5/27/2008 Added Quick Connect option. This will permit you to enter in the ip address, port, and game for a server to connect to it without adding it to a folder.

6/2/2008 Improved property grid colors/appearance for various themes, and fixed group text not being visible while using some themes.

6/2/2008 Filter state (on/off) has been moved to the settings.xml file and the filter files are no longer modified.

6/16/2008 Moved gametype translations to data\gametypes.xml configuration file to make it easier to edit gametype/modification translations.

6/16/2008 Fixed Settings->General->Music->"Disable music support" to not revert to enabled every time the Settings dialog was displayed.

6/18/2008 Text and background colors used to render servers will now follow the currently selected Theme colors when the Theme is changed, except when a servers colors are overriden by a folder, filter, or server.

6/18/2008 Minor filtering performance increase.

6/18/2008 The text color for inactive servers will now blend with the user-specified text color from a folder, filter, or server.

6/18/2008 Filters now support text and background colors from the Filter properties. Any server matching the filter will use the specified text and background color unless overridden by a folder or server.

6/20/2008 Updated Music support to permit filename (url) requests, finally fixing music support.

6/20/2008 Refreshed music server listing.

6/20/2008 Created a Trillian plug-in to permit setting away state when connecting/disconnecting from/to a server.

6/20/2008 Added Trillian mode drop-lists to View->Settings->Connect and Disconnect panes.

8/4/2008 Moved ALL settings to settings.xml file, registry is no longer used.

8/4/2008 Removed friends.xml, Friends are now stored in settings.xml file.

8/4/2008 Fixed bug that permitted duplicate entries in settings.xml file.

8/4/2008 Ping meters are now scaled according to the maximum ping +64 specified in Settings->Appearance->Pings.

8/4/2008 Added "Copy server to clipboard" option to enable/disable copying of server ip:port to the clipboard on connect. This setting is in Settings->Games->Connect.

8/4/2008 Fixed maximized windows when restored so the "normal" (non-maxmized) position is no longer the same width and height as the maximized window.

8/4/2008 When closing a maximized window, the window is no longer "restored" to normal before closing.

8/4/2008 Fixed various sound events in Settings->General->Sounds. Some of the "Find Internet Games" and "Refresh" events were not working properly.

8/4/2008 Added Servers->"Automatically Refresh" menu item to toggle automatic refresh on and off without going into Settings->Games->Refreshing.

8/4/2008 Filters->Stop Filtering setting is now remembered when exiting and re-running the program.

8/4/2008 "History Filters" toolbar state in the History pane is now remembered when exiting and re-running the program. If you disable it it will not re-appear.

8/4/2008 Fixed "Socket Pooling" so this feature actually works now. This means no more flooded NAT tables and lost Internet connections while refreshing large amounts of servers. This option is enabled by default.

8/4/2008 "Socket Pooling" is now always enabled and cannot be turned off. 512 sockets are allocated for the pool. This option has been removed from View->Settings->Network->Advanced.

8/28/2008 Modification icons are now displayed instead of the game icon for servers running a known modification.

8/4/2008 Fixed bug which caused status pane to hold status and not timeout (ie "Refreshing servers").

8/4/2008 Servers can now exist in multiple views (Folder, Internet Games, LAN Games).

8/4/2008 Enabled/disabling of filters is now threaded so the application will no longer lock up for a few seconds while applyng a filter to a large number of servers.

8/4/2008 "Search for servers" results window will now display all views a server was found in, not just one entry. So if a server exists in a folder and Internet Games, you'll see it in both places.

Version 4.71  February 8, 2008 at 10:15AM ET:

2/1/2008 Added support for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars extended server query.

2/1/2008 Added player Experience column for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

2/1/2008 Added player Deaths column for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

2/1/2008 Added player Kills column for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

2/1/2008 Added player Team column for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

2/1/2008 Fixed "include bots in player count" so that it saves/loads correctly.

2/1/2008 Fixed "Disable Music" checkbox in Settings->General->Music.

2/1/2008 Fixed reserved slot detection for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

2/6/2008 Fixed bug which allowed the default Mapshot image from a modification-specific Mapshot Pack to display on servers not running that modification.

2/6/2008 Fixed similar filters. All of your servers would be filtered if you activated more than one filter for the same rule (ie map or game type filters).

2/6/2008 Added fake server rule "si_gamestate" for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Contains any of the following values, comma delimited if multiple values exist: "warmup", "game_in_progress", "game_over", "stopwatch_return_match".

2/6/2008 Added fake server rule "si_servertype" for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Unsigned integer value as returned from server.

2/6/2008 Removed +exec config file connect method for: QuakeWorld, Quake 2, SIN, Heretic 2, and HexenWorld. Switched to standard command-line connection method.

2/6/2008 Fixed "Spectate" Connect context menu item so it's not always grayed out.

2/6/2008 Added spectate on connect support for QuakeWorld.

2/7/2008 Fixed name resolution when adding a server using its hostname instead of the ip address.

2/7/2008 Fixed ip address field in the server properties tab to accept a hostname.

2/7/2008 Updated Half-Life 2 rule packet parser for new format used in TF2 and other mods. Fixes value/rule swap issue.

Version 4.7  January 30, 2008 at 8:45PM ET:

11/1/2007 Added fake Enemy Territory: Quake Wars server rule called "si_ranked" to allow filtering on ranked servers.

11/8/2007 Fixed bug in View->Settings->General->Sounds settings pane that would not save your cleared sounds properly.

11/8/2007 Fixed "could not connect to qtracker master" error some users were getting.

11/8/2007 Added support for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

11/8/2007 Added remote administration support for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

11/16/2007 Fixed rcon password not being appended to command-line (if set in properties) when connecting to a Call of Duty-series game.

11/16/2007 Added support for Theme color schemes. The Theme menu will now include sub-menus for any Theme that has additional color schemes.

11/20/2007 Added support the Unreal Tournament 3 demo.

11/20/2007 Added support for Crysis.

11/27/2007 Fixed focus bug that caused the active Qtracker dialog (ie, Settings) to move behind the application window when a tooltip appeared while moving the mouse outside the active dialog window.

11/27/2007 Added support for Unreal Tournament 3.

11/27/2007 Fixed Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force packet parser issue that caused incorrect player data to display.

11/27/2007 Removed color column for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force.

11/28/2007 Added new filter variable: [$server_free_public_slots]. This variable will return a numeric value from this equation: (server_players_max - server_players_reserved_slots) - server_players_active.

11/28/2007 Changed filter variable: [$server_free_slots] to return a numeric value from this equation: server_players_max - server_players_active.

11/29/2007 Fixed Mapshot timing issue that would cause some images from a multi-shot to not display for the correct amount of time.

11/29/2007 Added Mapshot caching system to reduce CPU utilization while displaying multi-shots for a map.

11/29/2007 Fixed multi-shot description not displaying on image change for multi-shots that contain different descriptions for each image.

11/29/2007 Fixed Mapshot download URL icon to display tooltip.

11/29/2007 Added new option in View->Settings->General->Mapshots to permit you to change the default image displayed when no Mapshot exists for a map.

12/12/2007 Game command-line arguments can now contain variables such as [$application_startin]. Variables will be replaced with the corresponding value when connecting to the game server. Variable pop-up controls have been added to: New Folder->Program->Application, Settings->Games->Installed, Settings->Games->Connecting.

12/12/2007 Added new Settings->Appearance pane called Tooltips to allow you to turn tooltips off in: Friends list, Server list, Player list, and Rule list views.

12/12/2007 Fixed 1-byte buffer overrun at startup after dynamic content was downloaded from the Master server.

12/12/2007 Server Full dialog now remembers your selection and will restore it the next time the dialog appears.

12/17/2007 Added Settings->Games->Disconnect settings panel to perform operations when disconnecting from a game server.

12/17/2007 Can now execute XChat commands when connecting to a server and/or when disconnecting from a server.

12/17/2007 Fixed potential deadlock/crash when closing the application (will disappear but stay as a running process).

1/2/2008 Re-wrote "Search for Servers" window. Added additional search criteria, and the search pane can now be navigated entirely with the keyboard.

1/2/2008 Added checkbox to Settings->General->General to allow you to turn off the startup Splash screen.

1/28/2008 Introduced new lanaguage XML configuration file to permit language packs to be added at a later date.

1/28/2008 Rcon password is now set (if known) at join for: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Enemy Territory.

1/28/2008 Added static Master server ips in the event of DNS resolution issues.

1/28/2008 Fixed map name display for Mapshot Packs using the new XML file structure.

1/28/2008 Added "modification" tag to new Mapshot Pack XML file structure to permit mod-specific Mapshot Packs.

1/28/2008 Introduced new settings XML configuration file to move settings from the registry into a local file.

1/28/2008 Added fake server rule called "si_timeleft" for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars servers to indicate the number of minutes left in the current level.

1/28/2008 Slight CPU usage reduction while applying filters to servers.

1/28/2008 Fixed cut, copy, paste, undo keyboard shortcuts to work in the Remote Administration password/command edit box.

1/28/2008 Fixed possible deadlock while writing history XML file.

1/28/2008 Added new option to Settings->Appearance->Servers: "Exclude reserved slots from maximum players" to toggle this option on or off.

1/28/2008 Added shortcut creation to full version installer to permit a desktop or quick-launch shortcut to be created for you while installing.

1/28/2008 Fixed filtering bug that would cause filters to not work properly when multiple filters were active using any function.

1/29/2008 Updated Enemy Territory: Quake Wars packet parser to support ETQW 1.4 packet format.

1/29/2008 Updated Enemy Territory: Quake Wars packet parser to support left or right justification of clan tags.

1/29/2008 Updated Warsow game icon.

1/29/2008 Fixed Warsow color code rendering.

1/29/2008 Fixed Settings->Friends->Friend List color code rendering to match the rest of the program.

Version 4.6  October 30, 2007 at 10:00PM ET:

5/29/2007 Fixed sorting in the Search Results window for the follow columns: Game, Network Address, Users.

5/29/2007 Fixed missing submenu items from Customize keyboard shortcuts dialog.

5/29/2007 Added "Ping" and "Response Time" columns to Search Results window, also added color coding for "Users" column.

5/29/2007 Double-clicking a folder/view item in the Games & Folders pane will now refresh that folder/view.

7/23/2007 Servers are now properly selected when drawing a "selection rectangle" in the server listing view.

7/23/2007 Fixed Quake 4 remote administration issue for servers that returned a session id parameter. This resulted in the server timing out and the inability to remotely administer the server.

7/23/2007 Updated the Half-Life 2 packet parser to correct the Insurgency modification rules so this modification can be properly detected.

7/23/2007 Fixed bug in Initial Setup Wizard which prevented it from saving the game executable location if it was changed in the Setup->Games panel.

7/23/2007 Added support for the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars beta.

9/7/2007 When adding a server using the Add Server dialog, if an ip address is entered it will no longer be passed to the DNS resolver.

9/7/2007 When pasting an ip address into the "server address" edit box in the Add Server dialog box, if the ip address is actually an ip:port string, the port will be extracted and put into the "query port" edit box and the :port removed from the ip address.

9/7/2007 Fixed Quake 4 and Warsaw color codes (added gray).

9/7/2007 Fixed Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory color codes (added orange).

9/7/2007 Added "do nothing" option to View->Settings->Friends double-click actions.

9/7/2007 Added single-click action to View->Settings->Friends, has all the same options as the double-click action.

9/7/2007 Renamed "Reset" button to "Clear" in the View->Settings->General->Sounds panel.

9/7/2007 Application is now properly maximized at startup when maximized at last shutdown.

9/10/2007 Added remote administration (rcon) support for Warsow.

9/20/2007 Added remote administration (rcon) support for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

9/20/2007 Added a "Bots" column to the server listing view to indicate if a server has bots playing on it, and if so how many. This only works for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars at the moment.

9/20/2007 Added a "Bot" column to the player listing view to indicate if a play is a bot. This only works for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars at the moment.

9/20/2007 Added new filter variable: [$server_players_bots]. This variable will return the active bot count on a server. This only works for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars at the moment, all other games will return 0.

9/20/2007 New columns will now be added at their preferred position, and no longer on the far right which is typically only visible by scrolling.

9/20/2007 First time users will now see the preferred column layout and no longer the columns added by their id #.

9/20/2007 Added Appearance->Servers settings pane to Settings window. From this pane you will be able to specify the color to use when display player counts on a full server, and you can include or exclude bots from the active player counts.

9/20/2007 Added History pane to track the servers you've connected to. Tracks the last 365 days of usage. History is stored in an XML file for parsing outside of Qtracker. Servers can be connected to from the history listing, and they can also be moved to folders.

9/25/2007 Added "Hide" option to the context menu for the Modification and Game types branches in the Games & Folders pane. This will permit you to hide modifications and game types that you do not wish to play.

9/25/2007 Added "Modifications and Game types" submenu to Games & Folders pane context menu to permit you to toggle the visibility of modifications and game types.

9/27/2007 Added "Default" button to View->Settings->General->Sounds to restore the selected event to it's default sound.

9/27/2007 Removed the Application->Command-line pane from the Folder Properties dialog. You can now use Program->Application "use this command line" to set an alternative command-line for the folder.

9/27/2007 Added Appearance->General settings pane to the View->Settings dialog. This will permit you to set the password mask used when prompting for passwords. You can clear it if you would like to see the password as you type it.

10/1/2007 Fixed several issues in the player name edit box which would cause color codes to be messed up for games like Warsow and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. This would prevent friends from being found correctly after adding them to your friends list.

10/1/2007 Marginal CPU usage reduction while calculating statistics for the statistics view.

10/1/2007 Added total player slots display to statistics view.

10/1/2007 Reworded statistics view to take up less space: "Servers: x (active: x) Active players: x Player slots: x"

10/2/2007 Added support for: OpenArena.

10/8/2007 On machines that have multiple ip addresses, the non-private ip is now used first. This should help to eliminate 10-30 second connect times when using Find Internet Games.

10/8/2007 Modified Mapshot Pack file format to include an XML definition file called "qtracker_pack_file.xml". This file replaces the "author.txt" and "maplist.txt" files. A sample XML file can be found in the Mapshots forum. All previous Mapshot Packs will continue to work.

10/8/2007 Mapshot Packs now allow for a default set of images to be defined for unknown maps (maps not listed in any Mapshot Pack).

10/15/2007 Unreal Tournament servers now display team names and colors correctly. Added Red, Blue, Green, Gold, and NONE teams.

10/30/2007 Fixed "bug" in Red Orchestra packet parser that would cause extremely high player counts to display.

10/30/2007 Completely re-wrote PlayerWatch as a new Friends system.

10/30/2007 Fixed color code issue for some games (Quake 4, Enemy Territory, Warsow, etc) that would cause a Friend to not be found.

10/30/2007 Replaced floating PlayerWatch skinned window with a resizable Friends window that inherits the application theme.

10/30/2007 Added Friends pane that can be docked into the application.

10/30/2007 Added Regions pane to the Initial Setup Wizard to permit new users to easily configure which regions they'd like to see servers in.

10/30/2007 Fixed issue which would cause remote administration of some Call of Duty 2 servers to fail with a time out during authentication.

10/30/2007 Added Auto-Login support for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

10/30/2007 Added remote administration support for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

10/30/2007 Fixed remote administration issue that would cause server output to not always be properly formatted with linefeeds.

Version 4.52  May 10, 2007 at 9:30PM ET:

4/16/2007 Fixed two Battlefield 2 filters (Version-1.3, and PunkBuster-Enabled) to set default state to off for Qtracker full installation. This will prevent all Battlefield 2 servers from being hidden for new users.

4/19/2007 Improved toolbar appearance for Office 2007 theme.

4/19/2007 Deleting a filter no longer causes all folders and game groups to expand in the Game Filters pane.

4/19/2007 Soldier name is now properly reloaded when View->Settings->Games->Auto-Login Battlefield 2142 pane is displayed.

4/24/2007 Added support for the WON2 network (non-Steam) and Half-Life 1 as a separate game called "Half-Life (WON2)".

4/24/2007 Removed "Steam" checkbox from Half-Life 1 in View->Settings->Games->Installed since Half-Life 1 is now entirely on the Steam network.

4/27/2007 When right-clicking a server in the Search Results window, the main Qtracker window is no longer brought to the foreground, obscuring the Search Results window.

4/27/2007 Application window is now properly restored to maximized size if the application was maximized, then minimized, then made visible again.

4/27/2007 Fixed Quake II packet parser to prevent identifying the Rocket Arena mod as Alien Arena.

5/8/2007 Fixed crash when DMW client was running and themes were applied in Qtracker.

5/8/2007 Fixed lockup when launching Qtracker right after all the games and folders were loaded. The cpu would hang between 50% and 100% utilization. This would sometimes occur when grooming servers out of the registry after 30 days of inactivity.

5/9/2007 Added tooltips to icons in the following columns: Private server, Status, Steam, and Game.

5/9/2007 Added new sound event system which uses an XML configuration file stored in \Configuration Files.

5/9/2007 Added several new sound events.

5/9/2007 Added Refresh Selected server menu item to the main menu and server list context menu.

5/10/2007 Fixed bug in View->Settings->PlayerWatch->General which caused the wrong double-click operation to be displayed when the panel first appeared and "Highlight the server where this person is playing" option was set.

5/10/2007 "Open Containing Folder" option is no longer grayed out in the server list context menu.

Version 4.51  April 12, 2007 at 10:00PM ET:

3/22/2007 Region filter settings no longer effect LAN servers; LAN servers will always be visible.

3/27/2007 Integrated new light-weight, high-speed, XML parser.

3/27/2007 Added connect port to network address column display: "ip:query_port/connect_port".

3/27/2007 Added support for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

3/28/2007 Updated LAN server icon.

3/28/2007 LAN servers now have their region set to "LAN" and show the new LAN icon.

3/29/2007 Added tooltips to the server and player listing views. This will permit you to see region text if you have the region column set to icon only, and will permit you to see clipped text entries without expanding the columns.

3/29/2007 Added CTRL+F keyboard shortcut to open the "Search for Server" window.

3/29/2007 Fixed filter rule() function to return NULL string ("") if the rule was not found.

3/29/2007 Fixed Folder "..." button in the filter window Properties tab to actually bring up the Browse for Folder dialog. This bug was introduced in version 4.5.

3/31/2007 Fixed bug that prevented batch files from executing properly when using a batch file to join a server.

4/2/2007 If the server rcon password was saved when using the Administration tab, when joining the server the rcon password will be set for Quake 3, Urban Terror, or World of Padman.

4/2/2007 Fixed Tron 2.0 command-line arguments to fix join issues.

4/2/2007 Added support for World of Padman.

4/3/2007 Added View->Customize sub-menu with the following items: "Keyboard Shortcuts...", "Menus...", and "Toolbars..". This submenu will provide easier access to the customization features for new users.

4/3/2007 When saving a filter, the filter will now be scrolled into view and selected in the Filters pane.

4/3/2007 When connecting to a server and there is a problem launching the executable, the application will be restored if your connect operation was set to Pause and Minimize.

4/3/2007 Player context menu will now appear if server has no players or no player was clicked on. This will permit you to use the context menu to connect to the server when the server is empty.

4/3/2007 When using "Where is this Person Playing" PlayerWatch context menu item, if the application is hidden or minimized it will be restored. Additionally of the Players pane is hidden it will be restored.

4/3/2007 Added "Connect to Where this Person is Playing" PlayerWatch context menu item. When selected you will automatically be connected to the server the person is playing on.

4/7/2007 Added "Background Color" menu option to the player listing context menu. This permits you to change the background color used to render player names.

4/7/2007 Updated PlayerWatch icons, tooltips, and context menus.

4/7/2007 Updated player list icons, tooltips, and context menus.

4/7/2007 Column configuration is now saved and restored for each individual server in the floating server details window.

4/7/2007 Added Vietcong support to QtUplink.

4/7/2007 Added "minimize" connect option to minimize the application when connecting to a game server.

4/9/2007 Relocated Fiji to the Pacific Ocean in the Region Filters pane.

4/9/2007 Relocated New Zealand to below Australia in the Region Filters pane.

4/9/2007 Renamed "Game type" property to "Game" in the Filter Editor properties tab.

4/9/2007 Added "Create..." menu item to Filter pane context menu.

4/9/2007 Tooltips are now displayed in the Filter pane context menu.

4/9/2007 Added clipboard format edit box to View->Settings->General->General, including a variable popup-menu. This will permit you to customize what is copied to the clipboard.

4/9/2007 Added "Allow Filtering" checkbox to the Folder Properties dialog, General pane. When enabled, servers in the folder can have the visibility effected by the currently active filters.

4/12/2007 The Game Filters pane will now hide filters for games that you do not have installed (hidden).

4/12/2007 Renamed server list context menu item "View Players, Rules, and Settings" to "Open Server Window..." and updated icon.

4/12/2007 Added "Highlight the server where this person is playing" option to the View->Settings->PlayerWatch->General "When a player is double-clicked, do the following" drop-list.

Version 4.5  March 15, 2007 at 9:30PM ET:

10/20/2006 Fixed Auto-Installer copy error when installing a filter that specified a sub-directory ("directory") to install to.

10/20/2006 Added Region Browser menu item to Filters->Show menu and Filters->Show toolbar icon.

10/21/2006 Fixed team score repaint issue in server details window which prevented team scores from updating.

10/21/2006 Fixed slow/flickering player display in server details window when you first open the window.

10/21/2006 Fixed missing team names for Battlefield 2142.

10/26/2006 Fixed crash when Office 2007 theme was active and you chose "Customize" from a toolbar context menu, or View->Toolbars->Customize, or Servers->Watch Server.

10/26/2006 Improved pane heading appearance for Office 2007 theme.

11/16/2006 Fixed region and comments not being saved when dragging a server into a folder.

11/16/2006 Filtered trailing 0x0D character from Half-Life 2 player names which would cause a square character to appear at the end of the playername.

11/16/2006 Added UTF-8 player name support for Half-Life 1 and Half-Life 2 engine games. This will permit display of Unicode characters for foreign languages.

12/22/2006 Fixed player reserved slot detection for Battlefield 2142.

12/22/2006 Renamed $gametype array in PHP output to $game. This provides a string value of the game running on the server.

12/22/2006 Added $gametype array in PHP output to provide a string value of the game type running on the server.

12/22/2006 Added "Best Fit" option to the server list header control context menu. This will resize the column to the largest item in the column.

12/22/2006 Fixed header edge double-click in server list control to resize the column to the largest item in the column.

12/22/2006 Added support for Armed Assault.

1/7/2007 Added Vista blue, silver, and black themes. Includes glass support when running on Vista.

1/7/2007 Fixed missing Half-Life server data and garbage map name due to unexpected packet formatting. This was an intermittent issue.

1/7/2007 Fixed America's Army honor display to actually display a players honor value.

1/9/2007 Fixed bug which caused incorrect ip to be pinged after changing the ip address of a server using the Properties window.

1/9/2007 Reduced memory usage by approximately 20 percent.

1/9/2007 Added Players pane to display players on currently selected server.

1/9/2007 Added Rules pane to display rules for the currently selected server.

1/16/2007 Added read-only server connect port display in server properties tab.

1/16/2007 Fixed filter value parser so you can now perform comparisons to null strings (ie: if rule("test") != "").

1/16/2007 Users column now displays maximum player count minus reserved slots.

1/16/2007 Player current/maximum count text in User column is now colored red when server is full.

1/18/2007 Updated all dialogs to use system font.

1/18/2007 Added "Appearance" section to View->Settings navigation pane. Moved Remote Administration and Pings panels to this section.

1/18/2007 In the "Add Server" dialog, moved ip address and query port to be the first controls, folder is now last.

2/1/2007 Added support for Alien Arena.

2/15/2007 Added Stop Filtering option to temporarily disable all game and music filters.

2/15/2007 Added Stop Region Filtering option to temporarily disable all region filters.

2/15/2007 Removed "Disable All Filters" option.

2/15/2007 Improved all tool-tips to include a 48x48 icon and feature description to help new users.

2/15/2007 Added "Sticky Panes" option to permit easy alignment of panes to other windows/panes.

2/15/2007 Added pane menu icon to all panes with "Sticky Panes" menu option.

2/15/2007 Added Mapshot pane to display the Mapshot for the currently selected server.

2/15/2007 Changed Mapshot image scaling to use interpolation for greatly enhanced image quality when shrinking or enlarging the image.

2/15/2007 Added different Mapshot scaling options: stretch, centered, original size.

2/15/2007 Fixed bug which would sometimes cause the Theme menu to not be right-justified.

2/15/2007 Fixed pane bug that sometimes made it impossible to make a pane visible again.

2/15/2007 Added hi-res (320x240) Mapshot Unavailable image.

2/15/2007 Added Mapshot image sharpening option.

2/17/2007 Eliminated flickering and item jumping in the player listing of the server details window.

2/17/2007 Now display the player team name in the color column in the player list, if team name exists.

2/20/2007 Added View->Panes->Reset Pane Layout to restore all panes to their default positions and to make all panes visible.

2/22/2007 Fixed bug in Region Filters pane which would not change the state of child checkboxes when the top-most parent item was collapsed and the checkmark was toggled. For example, if you collapse "United States of America" so you don't see any states, then click the checkbox, the checkboxes of the states will not change to match the checkbox you clicked.

2/22/2007 Fixed bug in Region Filters pane which sometimes caused region filters to not be re-applied when clicking the checkbox on a parent item (the ones with an expand/collapse box).

3/5/2007 Added "show" Qtracker-URL action. This action will launch Qtracker, add the server specified in the URL to the appropriate Internet Games view, select the Internet Games view, and query/ping the server.

3/5/2007 Changed "connect" Qtracker-URL action to not close Qtracker after connecting. Instead the View->Settings->Games->Connecting "qtracker operation to perform" setting will be used.

3/5/2007 Now force "All Servers" entry to the top of the Games & Folders pane.

3/5/2007 Folder/view selection is now restored at startup.

3/15/2007 Added support for Urban Terror 4.x and ioUrbanTerror.

3/15/2007 Improved error detail in application launcher error dialog when joining a game.

3/15/2007 Added "Pause the application" connect option.

3/15/2007 If minimize connect option is specified, Qtracker is now minimized prior to launching the application.

3/15/2007 Added pane keyboard navigation with CTRL-TAB or ALT-F7.

3/15/2007 Fixed PlayerWatch duplicate player bug.

3/15/2007 Fixed error opening the Quick Start Guide if Firefox was installed.

3/15/2007 Removed ping countdown.

Version 4.4  October 19, 2006 at 3:38PM ET:

7/2/2006 Fixed Delete Server server context menu item so it's not always grayed.

7/3/2006 Fixed Move to->New Folder server context menu item so it's not always grayed when the current view is anything under Internet Games.

7/3/2006 If a folder server was added using a hostname, the hostname will be used instead of the ip address in the generated HTML.

7/4/2006 Fixed clipboard Copy function so servers with the same query and connect ports can now be copied to the clipboard. This was a bug introduced in 4.3/4,31.

7/4/2006 Fixed server list control selected text color to be white (default) instead of gray if default text color was used.

7/15/2006 Added support for new Quake 4 color code format that starts with ^c. This will fix garbled server name displays in the server listing.

7/16/2006 Updated Red Orchestra packet parser to allow for empty player packets and fragmented rule packets. This will fix servers that show no players even though they have an active player count.

7/16/2006 Updated FEAR packet parser to break up the "options" rule value into seperate rules for each element. Also added option numbers translation to strings (ie. "0" now shows as "RunSpeed").

7/16/2006 Fixed the Folder option in the Filter Browser Properties pane to prevent the full path from being added when you browsed for a folder. This only occurred on systems that returned the Qtracker install path in 8.3 format.

7/17/2006 The server version is now populated from "shortversion" on Call of Duty 2 servers that do not return the "version" rule.

7/18/2006 Servers are now automatically resorted after refreshing and after pinging.

7/21/2006 When sorting servers, the focused/selected server will remain focused/selected after sorting and will be scrolled into view.

7/22/2006 Reduced flickering when resizing the server list view. Generally improved overall painting performance in the server list view.

8/14/2006 Fixed bug which would sometimes cause the wrong servers to be retrieved when using Find Internet Games on a modification.

8/14/2006 When connecting to a server, it's ip:port will automatically be copied to the clipboard.

8/14/2006 Internet Games, Mods, and Game type server counts are now updated when Qtracker updates modification data at startup.

8/14/2006 Fixed bug that did not properly look at reserved slots for Battlefield 2 games. This would permit you to connect to a server that was actually full due to reserved slots, thus giving you an error after Battlefield 2 loaded.

8/26/2006 Updated Unreal Tournament packet parser to accept incomplete packet data for versions 451 or lower. This will prevent servers from showing as inactive. Players and/or rules may be missing, but at least you'll see the server.

8/26/2006 A warning status bar will now appear at the bottom of the server details window when a server returns incomplete packet data.

8/26/2006 Fixed missing game icons in Search Results window.

8/26/2006 Fixed keyboard customization in View->Toolbars->Customize.

8/26/2006 Added context menu to Server Search Results window to provide functionality such as: move server, connect to server, copy, etc.

8/27/2006 Fixed filter folder display error in the Filter Browser pane which would cause the first character of the folder to be removed for any game that ended with a ".". This effected games such as F.E.A.R. and Contract J.A.C.K. You would have also noticed that the Folder property in the Filter Editor Properties tab would be incorrectly populated when you browsed for a folder.

9/7/2006 Connect (host) port is now used when connecting to a Soldier of Fortune server.

9/13/2006 Fixed missing or incorrect game icons in drag image when dragging servers.

9/13/2006 Changed Soldier of Fortune game font to the Quake II font.

9/13/2006 Soldier of Fortune color codes are now properly stripped from server names.

9/13/2006 Fixed application pause when repainting a server details window that had 32+ players on it.

9/13/2006 Added a context menu to Search Results window to permit you to Move servers to a folder, or copy servers to the clipboard.

9/18/2006 PlayerWatch window no longer lingers when shutting down.

9/18/2006 Added "Format" option to column context menu in the server list view. The option only appears on the Region column and lets you specify if the icon, text, or both should be displayed.

9/18/2006 Repositioned checkboxes in Filter Browser pane to the right side.

9/18/2006 Enhanced Theme support to properly apply toolbar, status bar, scroll bar, and border themes.

10/7/2006 Added over 400 regions with 16x16 flag icons.

10/7/2006 Added Region Filters pane with world map to allow for easy selection of the regions to include when retrieving Internet server listings.

10/7/2006 Added Properties pane to server details windows to allow easy editing of various server proerties such as: ip address, query port, region, comments, etc.

10/7/2006 Region column now displays flag icon and region description. The column context menu permits you to change this to: icon with text, icon only, or text only.

10/7/2006 Added support for the Battlefield 2142 demo.

10/11/2006 Redesigned the View->Settings->Games->Auto-Login interface to add account and player name drop-lists to make configuring this option easier. Also added account and player name auto-detection.

10/11/2006 Added Auto-Login configuration pane to Initial Setup Wizard.

10/11/2006 Removed Regions pane from the Initial Setup Wizard.

10/18/2006 Added support for Battlefield 2142 retail.

10/18/2006 Added Auto-Hide pane support with hidden/closed pane tabs.

10/18/2006 Added F1 keyboard shortcut for "View Players, Scores and Rules" menu option, also added this menu item to Servers menu and updated the tooltip.

10/18/2006 Move to->New Folder now actually moves the selected servers to the newly created folder.

10/18/2006 Increased Rule tab rule value display to 512 characters to fix cutoff mutator values.

10/18/2006 Added ping and query thread count settings to View->Settings->Network->Speed to allow you to increase or descrease the number of threads used to query or ping servers.

10/18/2006 Added "Unlimited" speed setting to View->Setting->Network->Speed to disable bandwidth monitoring and allow Qtracker to use all available bandwidth when querying or pinging.

Version 4.31  July 1, 2006 at 4:24PM ET:

7/1/2006 Fixed invisible servers (missing columns) bug which effected new installations of Qtracker.

7/1/2006 Fixed Limit Queries and Limit Pings enabled state in View->Settings->Network->Tweak. If you enable these their state will now be remembered when you re-run the program.

7/1/2006 The game drop-list in the Filter Editor Properties pane now only contains the games you have marked as active.

Version 4.3  June 29, 2006 at 10:17PM ET:

5/26/2006 Fixed crash in Find Internet Games when Master server count was less than 3.

5/26/2006 Fixed Red Orchestra connection bug which prevented you from connecting to a server.

5/27/2006 Fixed filter language "find" function since it did not work at all.

5/27/2006 Dynamically downloaded "Mods" and "Gametypes" now support alpha-icon .ico files from the Master.

5/28/2006 Added identification of Battlefield 2 booster packs. The server modification will be changed to "bf2_euro_force" or "bf2_armored_fury" if a booster pack is detected.

5/28/2006 Server-side: added Battlefield 2 modifications: Armored Fury, Battleracer, Euro Force, and Project Reality.

5/28/2006 Server-side: added Half-Life 2 modification: The Hidden.

5/28/2006 Battlefield 2 team scores are now calculated by adding up all player scores on the team. This was added since the server always returns 0 for the team score.

5/28/2006 Fixed Save As in the filter editor to add a new filter in the Filter Browser if you save your filter to a different filename. Previously this would update the existing entry and you would have to restart to see it as two different filters.

5/29/2006 Fixed directory creation bug in the AutoInstaller that prevented "directory folder1 older2 older3tc" from working when installing a filter.

5/29/2006 Fixed Unreal Tournament and Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 connection bug if user-supplied command-line had a ? character in it.

5/29/2006 Fixed Save As in the Filter Editor so you will always be in the proper directory when the Save As dialog appears.

5/29/2006 Expansion state of all branches in the Filter Browser are now saved and restored when you exit and re-run Qtracker.

5/30/2006 Fixed bug in the Filter Editor that caused the filter name to not save when you clicked Save or Save As. This would only occur if you edited the name and did not press TAB or click on another property item before saving.

5/30/2006 Fixed bug which permitted duplicate items to be listed in a Modification or Game Type branch.

5/30/2006 Removed Modification limit of 256 modifications. It's now unlimited.

5/30/2006 Changed America's Army query format to fix missing data and inactive server issue.

5/30/2006 Fixed Remote Administration support for: Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead, and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Breakthrough.

5/30/2006 Added "Limit packets sent per second" option to View->Settings->Network->Connection. This will help to reduce network utilization for those with router issues. Valid values are 1-1000.

5/31/2006 Added 3mb/s T3/Cable/DSL speed to View->Settings->Network->Connection.

5/31/2006 Added 6mb/s T3/Cable/DSL speed to View->Settings->Network->Connection.

5/31/2006 Downstream/received data bandwidth usage is now limited to the network speed specified in View->Settings->Network->Connection. This will prevent your router from being flooded which in some cases could cause your router to become unresponsive.

6/1/2006 Added 384k Cable/DSL speed to View->Settings->Network->Connection.

6/1/2006 Server-side: fixed Standard / Other modification listings to return servers.

6/2/2006 Renamed View->Settings->Network->Connection to "Internet Connection".

6/2/2006 Added View->Settings->Network->Queries panel. Relocated response time and retry attempts from the Connection panel to this panel.

6/2/2006 Added socket and ICMP ping pooling. This will allow you to control how many sockets are used when querying or pinging servers. Adjusting these settings will help prevent router lockups on lower-end equipment. These settings can be modified in View->Settings->Network->Internet Connection.

6/3/2006 Comments are now properly displayed when installing a Qtracker Theme using the AutoInstaller.

6/3/2006 When you copy a server to the clipboard, the connect port and query port will now be copied instead of just the query port. If you paste the server back into Qtracker the query port will be used. If you paste into any other program the connect port will be used.

6/4/2006 Replaced Metallic built-in Theme with: Office 2007.

6/5/2006 Added support for MS Windows Styles files (.msstyles). Just drop them into your Themes folder and they will show up in your Themes menu. This will allow you to use MS Windows Style files from any number of websites that provide these, giving you nearly endless possibilities for changing the appearance of Qtracker.

6/5/2006 Server-side: fixed Quake II Master protocol issue which caused several hundred Quake II servers to be missing from the Qtracker Masters.

6/6/2006 Fixed crash when a Halo Dedicated Server was detected on your LAN.

6/8/2006 Server modifications and game types are no longer stored in the registry, instead they are stored in an XML data file.

6/8/2006 Modifications and/or game types now properly display the server count in ()'s next to the description.

6/9/2006 Added support for Tremulous.

6/9/2006 Pressing ENTER in any of the Settings or Properties dialogs will no longer cause the current pane to disappear.

6/11/2006 Fixed issue which could cause the server columns to be missing at startup if part of the Qtracker registry settings became corrupt.

6/12/2006 Added "Tweak (Advanced) pane to View->Settings->Network and move various options to this pane.

6/12/2006 Added View->Panes menu to make it easier to show or hide panes.

6/12/2006 The Games & Folders view (treeview) is now a pane that can be positioned wherever you want. It can be tabbed into the same pane as your filter browser panes, you can float it, you can split it horizontally or vertically with other panes, or you can just position it at the top, bottom, left, or right of the application window. So many combinations...

6/14/2006 Renamed America's Army: Operations to America's Army.

6/22/2006 Added all new virtual list control for server list view.

6/22/2006 When sorting by network address, sorting is now done logically by all octets with a port sub-sort.

6/22/2006 When sorting by users, sorting is now done logically by active users with a maximum users sub-sort.

6/22/2006 The Theme->Custom submenu is now sorted.

6/22/2006 Added support for the Prey Demo.

6/22/2006 Added remote administration support for the Prey Demo.

6/22/2006 Added support for Warsow.

6/23/2006 Added all new sorting routines to fix partial sorts.

6/23/2006 When sorting by server name, sorting is now done by alphabetic characters only.

6/23/2006 Sort column selection is now saved in the Player and Rules tabs of the server details window.

6/26/2006 Added Ping All Servers menu option to ping all of the servers in your folders.

6/26/2006 Removed loading phase when using Find Internet Games. Servers are now loaded during the Retrieve phase. The result is that Find Internet Games is much faster now.

6/28/2006 When connecting to a server, the command-lines of any active matching filters will now be appended to the application command-line.

Version 4.22  May 25, 2006 at 11:22PM ET:

5/25/2006 Added 14.4k modem speed to View->Settings->Network->Connection.

5/25/2006 Fixed filter function parsing issue which caused secondary parameters to load incorrectly in a nested function. For example: left(rule("serverrule"),2) would be parsed as left(rule("serverrule"),"serverrule").

5/25/2006 Added two new filter variables: \[$server_region] and \[$server_region_id] to allow filtering on the servers region. Allowed id values for \[$server_region_id] are: 1 North America, 2 North America East, 3 North America West, 4 South America, 5 Australia, 6 Asia, 7 Europe, 8 Africa.

5/25/2006 Server-side: updated query agents to identify Battlefield 2 query protocol in use, added support for old-query method.

5/25/2006 Server-side: updated Masters to return Battlefield 2 query protocol in use.

5/25/2006 Updated Battlefield 2 support to permit fallback to old query format if server does not respond.

Version 4.21  May 23, 2006 at 10:52PM ET:

5/19/2006 Fixed Quake 4 query issue that caused servers running mods like Q4MAX to appear as inactive.

5/21/2006 Fixed 0 width folder view. This caused the folder view to disappear and could only be made visible again by resizing the splitter.

5/21/2006 Code cleanup to remove unecessary data from server structures, thus reducing memory usage.

5/23/2006 Updated Battlefield 2 query format to support v1.3 challenge-response protocol.

Version 4.2  May 18, 2006 at 11:30PM ET:

11/13/2005 Added remote administration support for Call of Duty 2.

11/26/2005 America's Army will now be auto-detected if it's installed and the application location will now be filled in for you.

11/26/2005 Server-side: updated Quake 4 server list protocol.

11/26/2005 Server-side: fixed music server listing support.

12/30/2005 Color codes are now removed from the server name for the following games: America's Army, Unreal Tournament 2003, and Unreal Tournament 2004.

2/8/2006 Filters: added standard comparison operators: "==", "!=", ">=", "<=", ">" "<", "<>".

2/8/2006 Filters: added functions: find(cSource, cSearch, nStart), left(cSource, nLength), mid(cSource, nStart, nLength), right(cSource, nLength).

2/8/2006 Filters: function arguments can now be another function.

2/8/2006 Filters: you can now have an unlimited number of "if" statements in a function.

2/14/2006 Fixed folder view (treeview) flickering when resizing the main window.

2/24/2006 Added filter editor to permit you to create and/or edit filters.

2/24/2006 Added Filters toolbar.

2/24/2006 Added Filters toolbar to the server details window.

2/24/2006 Added context menu to the rules tab in the server details window. This menu is used to create a filter from the selected rules.

2/24/2006 Added an Edit button to the filter browser window.

2/27/2006 Added "Locate Server" toolbar icon to the server details window. This option will locate the server in it's containing view and select it for you.

3/5/2006 Remote Administration context-menu item is now properly disabled if the server you right-clicked isn't supported for Remote Administration.

3/6/2006 Added support for the Warpath Multiplayer Demo.

3/8/2006 Server counts (active and inactive) and player counts are now displayed in the status bar for the current view.

3/12/2006 Updated internal memory structures and views for 64-bit Windows.

3/16/2006 When manually pinging using the server context menu, all selected servers will now be pinged. Previously only the first selected server would be pinged.

3/16/2006 Added Ping & Traceroute submenu to primary Servers menu.

3/17/2006 Fixed missing alpha icons in Initial Setup Wizard Game panel.

3/17/2006 Remove sort column shading in Initial Setup Wizard Game panel.

3/17/2006 Added support for SWAT4: The Stetchkov Syndicate.

3/20/2006 Select all and copy keyboard shortcuts now work in the Admin tab of the Server Details window.

3/31/2006 Added support for Red Orchestra.

4/8/2006 Added application themes. There are two themes: default (glossy), and metallic. Themes are applied to the entire application.

5/11/2006 Added right-aligned Themes menu. This menu is dynamically populated with user-created themes when you install them.

5/11/2006 Added .QTT Qtracker Theme Pack file format to support user-created themes.

5/11/2006 Columns toolbar and menu listing is now a popup menu. This will eliminate the problem of clicking the View->Columns menu entry and having the menu close rather than pop up the columns menu.

5/11/2006 Fixed AutoInstaller directory creation bug.

5/11/2006 Slight speed increase when refreshing servers if no filters are enabled.

5/11/2006 Tooltip visual enhancements, and tooltips will now appear for menu items.

5/11/2006 If no ping filters are active, only the filtered listing of Internet Games servers will be pinged when using Find Internet Games.

5/11/2006 Added Delete Filter option to filter browser and Filters menu.

5/11/2006 Removed "Find Internet Games" option from the "All Servers" context menu.

5/11/2006 Complete re-design of the game and music filter browsers. These windows are now in floating panes that can be docked or tabbed anywhere in the application window.

5/12/2006 Crash-fix when querying servers and a Star Wars Battlefront II LAN server is found.

5/13/2006 Updated music support to follow redirections when querying.

Version 4.11  November 10, 2005 at 10:10PM ET:

11/6/2005 Added support for Star Wars Battlefront II.

11/6/2005 Crash-fix for buffer overflow on extremely long player names. Most noticable with Quake 4.

11/6/2005 Fixed F.E.A.R. connection bug which caused a "disconnected from server" message to be displayed and you would not join the game.

11/6/2005 Added "+set com_allowConsole 1" to the default Quake 4 command-line to enable the console.

11/6/2005 Added auto-login support for Star Wars Battlefront II.

11/7/2005 Rule values in the server details window "Rules/Settings" tab will now properly update when a rule value changes.

11/7/2005 Added player double-click options (connect to server, view server details) to View->Settings->PlayerWatch->General.

11/8/2005 Added server double-click options (connect to server, view server details) to View->Settings->General->General.

11/10/2005 Fixed query timeout bug introduced in v4.1. Refreshing servers would stop intermittantly for some users if it took longer than 5 seconds to query a block of 32 servers. Timeout has been increased to 30 seconds. This would also cause the servers that were not queried to not be pinged.

Version 4.1  November 3, 2005 at 10:57PM ET:

7/11/2005 Fixed memory corruption that would manifest itself as a resource leak (repeated strings and garbage in the gui) when View->Settings->Server Listings->Transfer "Save as the following local file or UNC:" was blank and Generate HTML/PHP was active. Thanks to Schwinkie for finding this.

7/25/2005 Fixed crash when shutting down during a refresh or Find Internet Games.

9/10/2005 Empty list views now display "There are no items to display."

9/10/2005 When switching to a new tab in the server/player/rule window, the tab view is now redrawn to ensure that the tab view actually changes.

9/10/2005 Added support for the "new" Half-Life 1 query protocol.

10/4/2005 Updated nearly all of the icons, added alpha icons.

10/4/2005 Improved disabled icon appearance.

10/4/2005 Game icons are now loaded from "<INSTALLDIR>\Graphics\Game Icons" at startup, allowing for customization of game icons and alpha icon support.

10/4/2005 Added support for the F.E.A.R. demo.

10/19/2005 Added support for Quake 4.

10/20/2005 Default server window position for new server windows is now saved when closing a server window. This permits new server windows to appear in the default size and position (same as the most recently opened server window).

10/20/2005 Server window position is no longer shifted 64 pixels left when displayed on non-primary display of multiple-monitor systems.

10/20/2005 If you've never opened a server window before, the default position will be in the center of your primary display. This will permit the window to be moveable for users who have the taskbar at the top of their screen.

10/24/2005 Added support for F.E.A.R. retail.

10/24/2005 Added "Default" button to View->Settings->Games->Installed to reset the application path, command-line, etc. back to where you installed the game.

10/25/2005 Added icons to status view display.

10/26/2005 Added support for Serious Sam 2.

10/27/2005 Added support for Vietcong 2.

10/27/2005 Filter comparisons are now always numeric when both the comparison values are numeric strings.

10/28/2005 Added View->Settings->Games->Auto-login panel. This will permit you to provide a username and password for games that require authentication prior to allowing you to play online. The only game currently supported is Battlefield 2.

11/1/2005 Added support for Call of Duty 2.

Version 4.03  July 8, 2005 at 10:11PM ET:

7/8/2005 Fixed bug which was causing partial player names to be displayed in Half-Life 2 games. This was caused by the player # now being zero based.

7/8/2005 Fixed Time On column for Half-Life and Half-Life 2 games.

7/8/2005 Splitter resize cursor now displays while hovering over a splitter edge. This bug was introduced in 4.02.

7/8/2005 Fixed crashing issue that effected a lot of games, including: Quake 2, Quake 3, Jedi Academy, Soldier of Fortune 2, and a ton of others. This bug was introduced in 4.02.

Version 4.02  July 7, 2005 at 12:59PM ET:

7/5/2005 Removed bell sound whenever you pressed enter to execute a command in the remote administration tab.

7/5/2005 Added support for the new query protocol used in Battlefield 2. This will permit you to see all 64 players on a 64 player server.

7/7/2005 Misc. menu tweaks, URL changes, and code cleanup.

7/7/2005 Fixed problem that caused LAN servers to not always appear, or randomly disappear.

7/7/2005 Fixed join support for Battlefield 2.

Version 4.01  June 23, 2005 at 10:10PM ET:

6/17/2005 Help->Download->Updates no longer takes you to the old Qtracker website.

6/18/2005 Fixed "server timeout" bug which prevented you from using the Remote Administration tab for Soldier of Fortune II servers.

6/18/2005 Added -resetgui command-line switch to load default GUI settings (menus, toolbars, icons, etc), in case of corruption.

6/18/2005 Fixed player team display and team scores for Tribes: Vengeance.

6/18/2005 Fixed memory overrun related to team scores which would cause random server data corruption, and could cause Qtracker to crash.

6/19/2005 Fixed crash at startup issue caused by a Battlefield 2 Demo server existing on your LAN.

6/19/2005 Fixed remote administration support for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

6/19/2005 When auto-resuming Qtracker and Qtracker was not set to minimize to the tray, the Qtracker window will now be properly shown and activated.

6/19/2005 Fixed Qtracker window re-appearing and resuming operation when playing Battlefield 1942 and the level changed.

6/23/2005 Fixed -9999 player score in generated HTML/PHP for games that return player scores instead of frags (Battlefield series, etc.).

6/23/2005 Added support for Battlefield 2. Please note that you cannot join a Battlefield 2 game server until Battlefield 2 is patched.

Version 4.0  June 16, 2005 at 11:44PM ET:

Fixed some Call of Duty: United Offensive servers showing as Call of Duty servers. Primarily effected LAN servers, but could also effect servers added to the wrong Master server listing, and/or wrong game type folder within Qtracker.

Re-wrote all Mapshot functions from scratch. Mapshots are no longer completely extracted when launching Qtracker, map images are extracted on demand. This will help to reduce startup and shutdown times and load on your computer if you have a lot of Mapshot Packs installed.

Re-designed the server/player window and all sub-views. The tabbed interface is completely different for players/rules. Captions have been re-designed. Rule and team views now shade the sort column.

Fixed bug in Mapshot window which caused display garbage in some resize instances.

Mapshots file format now supports image extensions in the filename field (ie "mymapimage.jpg").

Fixed Battlefield Vietnam WW2 (and other) mod servers showing as Halo servers.

Fixed team score/frag calculation bug which caused the team total frags/scores to be that of the last player returned from the server.

Team view no longer permits selection of any of the teams to prevent the highlight color from obscuring the team color.

Team color is now the background color of all of the columns in the Team view.

Added dockable menus. The menu bar can now float or be moved to any edge of the main window.

Added View->Toolbars menu so toolbars can be hidden or shown from the menus.

Added View->Toolbars->Customize menu so you can edit any menus, toolbars, keyboard shortcuts, etc. You can create your own toolbars, menus, etc. Hella sweet!

Changed various menu icons, included adding some alpha icons.

Fixed bug which caused the program window to creep upwards a few pixels every time you launched Qtracker. This only happened to users who had their Windows toolbar at the top of their screen.

Removed linefeed sent when remotely administering a Half-Life server, which was causing an extra linefeed in the server log/display.

11/20/2004 Fixed Half-Life 2 LAN server detection bug.

11/20/2004 Re-activated support for Star Wars Battlefront. Requires SWB 1.1 patch to be installed to connect properly to a game server.

11/21/2004 Added support for Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault.

11/24/2004 Fixed long-standing bug in queryid parsing code which would cause any GameSpy query format server with a queryid length over 7 characters to show as inactive. This includes games such as Medal of Honor (and all expansions), Battlefield 1942 (and all expansions), Battlefield Vietnam, Unreal Tournament, etc.

12/6/2004 Player display in the player view now uses player font background color through all columns for a more consistent look.

12/6/2004 Highlight color and focus now displays properly in player name display in the player view. This provides a more consistent look and will permit you to see black characters in games like Quake 3.

12/6/2004 Reduced flickering when resizing in player, team, and map views in the server window.

12/6/2004 Created custom header control for use in all list views (server, player, team, rule listings, etc.). Has a custom look, hot-tracking, right-click context menus, and permits drag and drop of headers with drop arrows. Very cool.

12/15/2004 Fixed Neverwinter Nights queries so servers won't show as inactive anymore.

12/15/2004 Added default Master server ip address in the event you cannot resolve the Masters hostname (name server issues).

12/15/2004 "Where is this person playing?" option from the PlayerWatch found players window will now change to the folder containing the server and select the server for you in addition to displaying the server/player details window.

12/20/2004 Added new color picker controls in all screens that permit color customization.

12/27/2004 Added support for Tribes Vengeance.

12/27/2004 The highlight (selected) color is now blended with the background color in all list controls. This eliminates the need for customizing the selected text color and selected font color and looks mighty sweet.

12/27/2004 Removed selected background and font color from the folder color customization screen.

1/1/2005 Fixed buffer overrun crash on unexpected LAN packet returns from Internet servers.

1/1/2005 Fixed potential crash from invalid sv_privateclients rule value formatting.

1/18/2005 Enhanced the appearance of all flat/custom dialogs (bye-bye ugly minimize button).

1/18/2005 QtUplink: Fixed Unreal 2 XMP support.

1/24/2005 Server-side: Fixed Jedi Knight and MotS support.

1/29/2005 Fixed Half-Life 1 LAN server detection bug that caused an empty QuakeWorld server to appear whenever a Half-Life LAN server was found.

2/1/2005 Added IPX checkbox to View->Settings->Games->LAN to turn off IPX broadcasting, if IPX is loaded on your system.

2/6/2005 Fixed connection problem that caused the base game to load instead of the modification the server was running. This primarily effected Half-Life 2 (Steam) modifications such as Counter-Strike: Source that you added to a favorite folder. When a server was added to a folder, the Qtracker Master server command-line arguments for that modification were ignored.

2/8/2005 Fixed DirectPlay (JediKnight, MotS, etc) packet parsing issue which prevented the map name from displaying properly. This in turn would cause no Mapshot to be displayed.

2/21/2005 Added Passwords section to the server properties dialog to permit editing of the connection and remote administration password for a server.

2/21/2005 Added "prompt for password" checkbox in the Password section of the server properties dialog. This permits you to disable the password prompt when connecting to or remotely administering a server.

2/21/2005 Fixed flat dialog minimize and close button repaint issue when returning from a game, unlocking your computer, or after your screen saver exited.

2/22/2005 Updated multi-panel dialogs and wizards such as Settings, Folder Properties, and Server properties to use a new sweet looking panel navigation control and re-organized panels.

2/24/2005 When resuming operation from the tray context menu, the Qtracker window will now be opened for you.

2/24/2005 When connected to a game server, Qtracker will now wait for you to finish playing and will auto-resume and open the Qtracker window for you when the game shuts down. This only works if you've set Qtracker to pause operation, or minimize itself while you're playing.

3/21/2005 Added support for new Half-Life 2 query challenge format.

3/29/2005 Added hostname support when adding or updating servers. This will permit you to add a server using its name instead of its ip address and it will be displayed using its hostname:port instead of ipaddress:port.

3/29/2005 Removed the Resolve button from the Add Server dialog as it's no longer necessary.

3/29/2005 Fixed miscellaneous storage and retrieval issues for servers stored in folders. Depending on how many servers you had in a folder you may have experienced problems moving them or changing properties on some of the servers.

3/29/2005 The "Move to" folder submenu on the servers context (right-click) menu is now sorted.

4/5/2005 Added support for ETTV. This will prevent Enemy Territory servers from showing up as Quake II servers.

4/23/2005 Added support for SWAT 4.

4/23/2005 Added support for Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil.

4/23/2005 "game/mp/" is now removed from Doom 3 map names.

4/24/2005 Added Painkiller PK++ support.

5/1/2005 Added support for Star Wars Republic Commando.

5/3/2005 When manually adding a server, if the server being added exists in an Internet Games or LAN Games view you will no longer receive an error telling you that you cannot add the server.

5/14/2005 View->Settings->Remote Administration now lets you customize the font, size, and color used for commands, responses, and console/log messages.

5/14/2005 Added Remote Administration support for Half-Life 2.

5/14/2005 Remote Administration is now accessed from a tab within the server/players window instead of a seperate window.

5/20/2005 Added "Search..." menu option and results window to find servers by ip address or by name. Allows for partial searches.

6/7/2005 Completely re-wrote all Remote Adminstration functions from scratch. They are multi-threaded and much faster now.

6/7/2005 Added "Include Internet games when refreshing" toolbar toggle item and View->Settings->Refreshing option to allow retrieved servers in the Internet Games views to be refreshed when auto-refreshing or using the refresh all option.

6/8/2005 Added support for Nexuiz.

6/9/2005 When manually checking for a new version, if a Mapshot Packet update exists but an application update doesn't, the "You have the most recent version" message box will no longer be shown.

6/10/2005 Added support for Pariah.

6/16/2005 Dynamically downloaded modifications now support variable parsing for command-line arguments.

6/16/2005 Re-wrote the AutoInstaller from scratch.

Version 3.82  October 1, 2004 at 11:58PM ET:

Added support for Half-Life 2.

Server-side: Added all known Half-Life 2 master servers.

Added support for Call of Duty: United Offensive.

Server-side: Added all known Call of Duty: United Offensive master servers.

Added remote administration support for Call of Duty: United Offensive.

Fixed server connection bug for Alien vs. Predator 2 which prevented Qtracker from properly connecting you to a AVP2 server.

Remote Administration option is now properly disabled in the Servers menu and server toolbar when the currently selected game is not supported for Remote Administration.

Version 3.81  :

Fixed bug which caused game visibility to not change when using View->Settings->Games "Select->All" and "Select->None" when you selected Apply or OK.

"Specify install location of this program..." will now scroll the selected game into view when View->Settings->Games appears.

Added player rate column to server player view.

Added Doom 3 support.

Server-side: added all known Doom 3 public masters.

Server-side: enabled active server-side filter so only active servers will returned when using Find Internet Games.

Fixed "New Version Available" dialog so that it can actually download the update it's notifying you about. This bug was introduced in 3.8.

Version 3.8  :

Fixed remote administration bug which caused server responses to not be displayed. For example, you would issue a "cvarlist" command and you would not see a response from the server.

QtUplink: Added game icons to game drop-list.

QtUplink: Fixed problem where QtUplink would not see your server if your server had multiple ip addresses.

Added support for: Halo Custom Edition.

QtUplink: Added support for: Halo Custom Edition.

The default for first time users is now to not have any games activated.

Fixed key-searching so you can now press a key to jump the first server that starts with the letter you typed. You can also type a word and will be taken to the first server that starts with the word you typed.

Added Half-Life Steam support. This can be turned on and off. When on, only Steam servers will be downloaded when using Find Internet Games. When off, only non-Steam servers will be downloaded when using Find Internet Games.

Added a Steam icon column to indicate if a server requires Steam to connect to it. Servers requiring steam will automatically use the Steam client when connecting, servers without will use your normal Half-Life client to provide backwords compatibility.

Downloaded server modifications now provide Steam command-line parameters to properly connect to Steam servers.

QtUplink: Added support for: Painkiller, Unreal Tournament 2004, and Unreal 2 XMP.

Renamed "suspend" operation to "pause".

Added "Pause program" option to the file menu and toolbar icon.

Added Watch Server option to the server right-click menu, and the main Server menu.

Now properly set menu item states on server right-click menu when not right-clicking on a server.

Added Painkiller support.

Fixed LAN server detection for: Battlefield: Vietnam, Halo, and Contract: J.A.C.K.

Added red X's to gray areas on the region map to better indicate that that regions' server will not be retrieved when using Find Internet Games.

Added new sound events: "Server now has enough players", and "Server is now running requested map".

Watching a server for a running map fixed.

Can now display up to eight Server Available dialogs instead of just one.

Re-worded View->Settings->Regions screen to make it easier to understand.

Fixed small memory leak in registry string access functions.

Added Stop Watching Server feature to cancel a server Watch.

Re-worded View->Settings->Network screen to make it easier to understand.

Fixed AutoInstaller issue which caused an error to be displayed during installation of a QTPP file when it contained the CSHTPL32.DLL file.

Added Initial Setup Wizard that's displayed to first time users.

Added Initial Setup Wizard menu option to the Help menu in case you want to run it again.

Games that are detected as being installed on your computer will now be shown in bold in View->Settings->Games, as well as the icon of the game.

Games that are detected as being installed on your computer will now be automatically activated (visible) for first-time users.

Re-worded and re-arranged View->Settings->Games screen to make it easier to use and understand.

Added "Ping servers using ICMP" checkbox to View->Settings->Pings. When disabled, the pinging pass will not occur when refreshing servers or using Find Internet Games. Users who rely on response time over ping, or don't care about pings, will want to disabling pinging.

When refreshing, if you choose Find Internet Games, refreshing will be cancelled in favor of Find Internet Games.

Find Internet Games can now be cancelled during any step (retrieval, loading, querying, ping countdown, pinging).

Cancelling Find Internet Games will no longer result in the ping countdown which would have to be cancelled too.

Completely re-wrote Find Internet Games. This fixes numerous random issues, as well as makes it faster.

New columns added in future releases will be inserted into the leftmost column position.

Now properly set column order on first-time usage.

Copyright 1998-2023 Ronald E. Mercer. All rights reserved.