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DNS Changes

The easiest way to "patch" your games to use Qtracker instead of Gamespy is to change the DNS settings on your computer or PS2. Any time a Gamespy address is requested by the game, the Qtracker DNS server will change the result to the corresponding Qtracker emulation server. Any other non-Gamespy addresses will be resolved as normal.

In the network settings on your computer, change your primary DNS to:
This server has been decomissioned as of 10/20/2020 due to ongoing maintenance costs, however the information here is still being included for historical purposes. Please use the host file method listed below.

If you're not certain how to change your primary DNS, try these links:
Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac, PS2, PS3.

That's all there is to it. If your game doesn't work, please let me know.

Hosts File Editing

Every computer has a file called a "hosts" file that allows you to override where server names like www.qtracker.com actually go to. The file looks and works the same way on nearly every operating system, however it's location may vary as well as the permissions required to edit this file.

On Linux/Unix systems you will find the hosts file in: /etc
The full pathname is: /etc/hosts

On Windows systems you will find the hosts file in: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC

Please note Windows can be installed on different drive letters and the WINDOWS folder may be named something other than WINDOWS. This is not typical, however.

If you are leasing a server from a hosting company, you may not have permission to modify this file in which case contact your hosting company so they can make the required changes.

The following additions need to be made to the end of the hosts file. These lines will go after anything that already exists in the file, and take care not to edit any existing lines in the file.  armedass.available.gamespy.com  armedass.ms12.gamespy.com  armedass.master.gamespy.com  battlefield2.available.gamespy.com  battlefield2.master.gamespy.com  battlefield2.ms14.gamespy.com  bf2web.gamespy.com  bfvietnam.available.gamespy.com  bfvietnam.master.gamespy.com  bfvietnam.ms0.gamespy.com  bderlandspc.available.gamespy.com  bderlandspc.master.gamespy.com  bderlandspc.ms18.gamespy.com  contractjack.available.gamespy.com  contractjack.master.gamespy.com  contractjack.ms11.gamespy.com  crysis.available.gamespy.com  crysis.master.gamespy.com  crysis.ms5.gamespy.com  crysiswars.available.gamespy.com  crysiswars.master.gamespy.com  crysiswars.ms2.gamespy.com  gotcha.available.gamespy.com  gotcha.ms10.gamespy.com  gotcha.master.gamespy.com  gamestats.gamespy.com  gpcm.gamespy.com  gpsp.gamespy.com  key.gamespy.com  master.gamespy.com  master0.gamespy.com  natneg1.gamespy.com  natneg2.gamespy.com  natneg3.gamespy.com  halor.available.gamespy.com  halor.master.gamespy.com  halor.ms6.gamespy.com  hd2.available.gamespy.com  hd2.master.gamespy.com  hd2.ms14.gamespy.com  motd.gamespy.com  nwn.available.gamespy.com  nwn.master.gamespy.com  chat.gamespynetwork.com  peerchat.gamespy.com  painkiller.available.gamespy.com  painkiller.ms15.gamespy.com  painkiller.master.gamespy.com  racedriver3pc.available.gamespy.com  racedriver3pc.master.gamespy.com  racedriver3pc.ms17.gamespy.com  swbfront2pc.available.gamespy.com  swbfront2pc.master.gamespy.com  swbfront2pc.ms6.gamespy.com  titanquest.available.gamespy.com  titanquest.master.gamespy.com  titanquest.ms18.gamespy.com  tribesv.ms15.gamespy.com  tribesv.master.gamespy.com  tribesv.available.gamespy.com  tron20.master.gamespy.com  tron20.ms9.gamespy.com  vietcong2.available.gamespy.com  vietcong2.master.gamespy.com  vietcong2.ms1.gamespy.com  wolfmaster.idsoftware.com

You can download a Windows hosts file that has already been edited here.

After downloading, open the zip archive and copy the hosts file to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC. You will see a security prompt asking for administrator permission to modify the file, click continue to overwrite the file, although it's a good idea to back up the existing file first.

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