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Qtracker Server Software Development Kit

Today's gamers play more than one game and are more demanding than ever. How many of your patches have included tweaks or fixes to the in-game browser?

As a gamer, imagine being able to see what games your friends are playing and join in with them. Organize your favorite servers and send them to your friends. Filter servers any way that suites your needs and share filters with your friends. Qtracker adds so much value to a gamers experience that it makes it impossible for an in-game server browser to provide the same functionality because by it's very nature, you must be running the game to use it.

One of the first steps to having Qtracker support your game is a server listing; without this gamers will not have visibility to game servers outside of the game. This is where the Server SDK comes into play as it exposes all the functions necessary to get your game servers into Qtracker.

The Qtracker Server SDK is available FREE to game developers as a Win32 DLL or Static Library. Yes, no royalty or licensing fees. It's totally free.

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